Open adoption

Pink background, text reading Open Adoption, drawing of a green right hand and a white left hand using their respective thumbs and index fingers to form the shape of a house with a love heart inside of it.

When a child or young person cannot return to the care of their parents, and a guardianship order is not appropriate, open adoption should be considered before placing a child into foster care.

Adoption is not usually considered suitable for Aboriginal children, however legislation allows for the adoption of Aboriginal children as a final preference after parental responsibility to the Minister.

Importantly, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principles still apply.  When returning an Aboriginal child to their family is not considered possible and they are unable to live with relatives or kin, a placement with a non-related person in the Aboriginal community or a suitable person may be considered. This will be done according to the child’s best interests and we will work closely with the Aboriginal community to make these decisions.

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Open adoption information sheet

Infographic - Open adoption as a pathway to permanency

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