Paths to Permanency

Purple background, text reading Pathways to Permanency, a green right hand and a pale purple left hand using their respective thumbs and index fingers to form the shape of a house with a love heart inside of it.

Keeping families safely together is our priority. Where this is not possible, the permanent placement principles will guide how we provide children and young people with a safe and stable home.

Permanent placement principles

The permanent placement principles guide placing a child or young person safely in a permanent home. They also set out the timeframes for when the Children’s Court must decide if returning a child to their parent is possible.

The preferred order for the permanent placement of a child or young person is:

The permanent placement principles provide a guide for casework and decisions by the Children’s Court. The department must demonstrate to the court that it has considered each of the placement options.

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)