1. Transitional Arrangements
  2. Permanency Case Management
  3. Legal Issues
  4. Resolving conflict
  5. Other Roles and Responsibilities
  6. Background
  7. Definitions
  8. APPENDIX 1: Packaged Care Service Model
Case ManagementCase management refers to the processes for managing the delivery of a permanency support service including planning, implementation, monitoring and review.
Case management is purposeful and is directed toward achieving a case plan goal.
Case Plan GoalThe case plan goal is a specific goal for an individual child. The goal is based on their assessed safety and permanency needs, and may or may not be achieved.
Casework PractitionerIncludes FACS and external service provider employees involved in the delivery of casework services from contact caseworkers to team leaders to managers to specialists.
Care ResponsibilityDay-to-day care and control of a child, including managing a child’s placement, and promoting and safeguarding their well-being.
Continuum of CareA scale of care types starting from those that require the least involvement by FACS and  service providers and continuing through different types of care that involve increasingly more involvement by FACS and (service providers.
Functions of Parental Responsibility (PR)Functions of PR that may be exercised by a person with Parental Responsibility (for example giving consent) that a parent would normally hold.
Powers of Parental Responsibility (PR)The right to make a decision in relation to functions of PR.
Service SystemA system of early intervention; family preservation; restoration, guardianship, open adoption and OOHC services; delivered by FACS, other government and external service providers using a commissioning approach to address the assessed needs of vulnerable children, their parents and  families/kin.
External service providerThe provider of a service, where that service is purchased by FACS and provided by a non-government organisation (NGO).

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)