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All about toddlers

Life can be very exciting for your toddler as they grow rapidly between the ages of one and three!

Changes and fears

The arrival of a new baby, being sick, moving house, sleeping in a new bed or being separated from Mum and Dad are all things that can stress toddlers.

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Keeping toddlers safe

Toddlers need to have a safe environment. They are too young to know how to behave safely.

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Taming toddler tantrums

Toddler tantrums can test any parent’s patience! If your toddler is having tantrums, you’re not alone - nearly all toddlers have tantrums at some time.

Toddler Tantrum comic book illustration
Toddler tantrum fact sheet

Why tantrums are notorious for this age group and clarifies possible reasons for your child’s behaviour. 

toddler tantrum comic book
Toddler tantrum comic booklet

Fun and easy to read, this booklet illustrates typical situations when tantrums occur and explains step-by-step how to cope in a positive way.

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Teaching your toddler about good behaviour

Toddlers need discipline, limits and guidance. They need to feel safe and secure while learning to get along with others and to live in society.

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Feeding toddlers

Feeding toddlers can sometimes be a problem for parents!

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Helping your toddler get a good night’s sleep

Battles at bed time are all too common if there’s a toddler in your house! Children often do not want to go to sleep...

toddler on a potty
Toilet training time

Learning to use the toilet is a big new step for toddlers and it can take them a while to get the hang of what to do.

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Games for your toddler

Hanging out with your toddler can be fun – here are some easy, inexpensive ways to play with your toddler. Playing is an important part of learning.

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A new baby in the family

A new baby arriving in the family brings big changes for everyone, particularly for toddlers...

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Learning to talk

Learning to talk is one of the most difficult and important steps that your toddler will take.

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Choosing the right child care for your child

At some stage, your toddler may need to attend childcare.

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