Section 82 reports

Suitability of arrangements

Where the Children’s Court makes an order allocating parental responsibility to a person who is not the parent of the child or young person (eg Minister for Family & Community Services), the Court will often order that a "section 82 report" be prepared and filed detailing the suitability of the arrangements made for the child or young person.

The Court order will specify when the report needs to be filed in the Court. This will be a date or a period within 12 months of the date when final orders are made. If the Court is not satisfied with the arrangements outlined in the report, it may invite the parties to bring an application to vary or rescind the orders allocating parental responsibility.

In both situations, reports are to be prepared by the organisation with case management responsibility and forwarded to the allocated Community Services Child & Family Regional Unit (CFRU) for consideration and endorsement. If endorsed, Community Services will file the report in the Children’s Court. If not endorsed, the CFRU will liaise with the agency about any concerns.

To ensure compliance with court timeframes, please ensure reports are forwarded no later than two weeks prior to the date it is due to be filed in court.

Section 82 report - order that lists specific issues to be addressed

Section 82 report - order that does not list issues to be addressed

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)