Ongoing transition achievements

The Dashboard (below) shows transition achievements to date against transition targets, as well as the current month’s achievements and progress. It demonstrates the continued growth and development in the out-of-home care sector. Transition dashboard

Image of the Dashboard

Transition of children and young people update

As at 31 May 2015, 56% of children and young people in care are supported by a caseworker from an accredited non-government agency. This means a total of 5,812 children transitioned cumulatively (from March 2012) as at 31 May 2015, an increase of 137 children compared to previous month (5,675 as at 30 April 2015).

The out-of-home care population has increased slightly to 17,503, with an increase of approx. 67 children and young people compared to previous month (17,436 as at 30 April 2015). A total of 2,406 children and young people are in Guardianship Orders. This brings the total population in care to 19,909.

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