Metro West region

Community Services Metro West region covers the Nepean, Cumberland and Blacktown/Baulkham Hills areas. The region covers the Western metropolitan areas from Hawkesbury in the south of the region, to Auburn and Katoomba in the West.

There are nine Community Service Centres (CSCs) in the region.

The Metro West region has established strong collaborative relationships with carers and NGOs through such events and partnerships as a Regional Foster Care Advisory Group and local Community Services Centre (CSC) Carer Support Groups. Carer support events are held regularly every year.

Community Services carers are encouraged to transfer to one of the accredited agencies in the Metro West Region, which can be found on the Fostering NSW website.

Delivering OOHC reform — Metro West regional activities

Metro West has established a Regional Implementation Group (RIG), which is made up of Community Services and NGO representatives and is responsible for implementing its Regional Transitional Plan (RTP).

Placement Matching Panel

Metro West was the first region to establish a joint Community Services/non-government agencies Placement Matching Panel. The Panel has looked at regional trends and identified children and young people with particular placement needs. Community Services and non-government agencies are now jointly working to identify the most appropriate placements and care for vulnerable groups.

Keeping carers informed

Successful transition requires carers make informed choices. To help carers with decision-making, Metro West has implemented the following carer supports:

  • two carer forums held to provide information to carers
  • development and distribution of carer information packages
  • establishment of a carer transfer information phone line, assisting carers with immediate responses to their transition enquiries.

These measures have paved the way for a promising beginning to the successful and positive transitioning of out-of-home care service delivery in the region.

Find out more

To discuss your options for transferring, call Metro West Carer Transfer Information Line: (02) 9354 1607.

For further information about the transition, email:

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)