Metro South West region

Community Services Metro South West is a dynamic and vibrant region that covers the Bankstown, Bowral, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Ingleburn and Liverpool CSCs. The region is characterised by a diverse range of multicultural communities.

The Metro South West region is committed to building a service system that supports better outcomes for children and young people that enter the statutory out-of-home care system.

The region is dedicated to working collaboratively with the non-government sector, to build the capacity of new and existing agencies.

Community Services carers are encouraged to transfer to one of the accredited out-of-home care (OOHC) agencies in the Metro South West Region, which can be found on the Fostering NSW website.

Delivering OOHC reform — Metro South West regional activities

Metro South West is dedicated to working collaboratively with the non-government sector to build the capacity of new and existing agencies, and support the OOHC transition.

To enhance collaboration, the region has established several forums:

  • Regional Implementation Group (RIG)
  • Metro Future Directions Forum (combined with Metro Central and Metro West)
  • Placement Matching Panel.

The Metro South West RIG is made up of Community Services and NGO representatives and is responsible for implementing its Regional Transitional Plan (RTP). The Region’s RIG is jointly chaired representatives from a non-government agency and Community Services.

Metro South West forums allow participation by members from non-government agencies, and foster development of positive working relationships and partnerships across the region.

The region is also committed to providing stakeholders with every opportunity to meet regularly in different forms to discuss transition opportunities.

Metro South West achievements

  • System established to identify carers, children and young people to transfer to relevant agency of choice.
  • Process in place for children and young people who are the subjects of the Pathways of Care longitudinal study to be identified at the point of transfer and remain engaged in the study when they transfer.
  • Temporarily quarantined staff to progress the transfer of carers.
  • Invited new providers in the region to attend the RIG since July 2012.
  • Hosted the first Future Directions Forum (FDF).
  • Established Placement Matching Panel that meets each month.
  • Hosted Carer Information Forums in Campbelltown and Liverpool.

Find out more

To discuss your options for transferring, call the Metro South West Carer Transfer Information Line: (02) 8713 7982.

For further information about the transition, email:

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)