Metro Central region

Metro Central is a culturally diverse region whose focus is on expanding strong interagency partnerships and understandings. The region covers Northern and Southern Sydney, the Inner West and South East Sydney and has eight Community Service Centres (CSCs).

Community Services carers are encouraged to transfer to one of the accredited OOHC agencies in the Metro Central region, which can be found on the Fostering NSW website.

Delivering OOHC reform — Metro Central regional activities

Metro Central has established a Regional Implementation Group (RIG) is made up of Community Services and NGO representatives and is responsible for implementing its Regional Transitional Plan (RTP). The region's wide-ranging RTP has 42 deliverables across seven key strategy areas.

Metro Central achievements

  • Approved guidelines for transferring case files and carer files implemented.
  • Information provided to children, young people and their carers to support informed choices.
  • New case management transfer procedures implemented.
  • Ensured children and young people in the Pathways of Care longitudinal study remain engaged in this research when they transfer.
  • Reviewed process for transfer of carers and children.

NGO placement subcommittee

A key feature of the Metro Central RTP is collaborative practice and joint decision-making. In addition to a residential care working group, the RIG is establishing: NGO placement subcommittee to drive placement transfers; carer development and retention sub-committee to ensure recruitment of carers children and young people need; a sub-committee to develop an enhanced focus on preservation and restoration.

Carer support and information

Metro Central has appointed an OOHC Carer Transfer Project Officer. This role is assisting Community Services and agency caseworker visits to carers to discuss transferring and carer concerns, liaising with agencies to discuss transfers and processes, and is planning four carer information events across the region between February and June 2013.

Find out more

To discuss your options for transferring, call the Metro Central Carer Transfer Information Line: (02) 8303 6350.

For further information about the transition, email:

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)