Fostering Our Future

What you told us – survey results are in

We’ve heard you

A big thank you to nearly 1,500 guardians, adoptive parents and carers who took part in our first ever statewide Carer Survey in 2017.

The survey results will inform the new approach we deliver in partnership with the non-government sector to better support and develop your needs. They will also guide us in recruiting more dedicated, loving people like you who can either support a child’s return home to their family, or provide a loving home for life through guardianship or open adoption.

What we’ve learnt

The survey has highlighted many areas for improvement, right through the carer journey. More than half of all respondents told us they could have benefited from more detailed information about the challenges of caring for a child when they took on their role. We also heard that carers like to connect with peers, but can be hindered by uncertainty about how to connect or available opportunities to do so.

We’re pleased to hear that nearly 70 per cent of respondents are satisfied, or very satisfied, with their wellbeing. However, you’ve told us we can do ever better by promoting respect for the important role of caring, enhancing caseworker stability, and improving advocacy and support.

We can also improve our information to support the high number of respondents who would like to make their care arrangements permanent through guardianship or open adoption, to give the child or young person in their care stability and confidence.

How we’ll respond

We’re incorporating what you’ve told us you wanted into Caring for Kids, our innovative and improved approach to recruiting, supporting and developing people in caring roles across the state.

We will shortly be announcing the successful non-government agency who’ll partner with us to deliver Caring for Kids.

We will write to you to announce the successful partner, and publish supplementary information on the FACS website and across all our social media channels. Please stay tuned.

Once appointed, they’ll be in contact with you about their upcoming events, activities and initiatives.

We understand that this is a period of significant change. We are confident that the new relationships you establish through Caring for Kids will be successful, particularly in being able to access suitable support and development.

Improving the lives of vulnerable children, young people and families relies on your dedication. Ensuring you feel supported and acknowledged for the great work you do is a key priority of the NSW Government.