Fostering Our Future

Record number of adoptions in 2017

Welcome to the first issue of Fostering our Future for the year. I want to thank and acknowledge all of our foster, relative and kinship carers across NSW. You provide important support for children and often maintain connections to their birth family.

Some of you have welcomed new children into your homes, said farewell to children that were in your short term care or continued to welcome children for emergency stays. Many of you continue to care for children in an ongoing capacity. Whatever your experience of care has been, you have made a meaningful contribution to these children’s lives and your community. Last year was one of ground breaking changes for child protection in New South Wales. It was also a year that saw positive results.

These included:

  • Open adoptions up by 93 per cent
  • Guardianship orders up by 60 per cent
  • More than 900 children kept from entering out of home care for the first time
  • First entries into out of home care decreased by 29 per cent.

If you have ever thought about adoption or guardianship, now is the time to take the first step on the journey to providing a permanent, loving home to the child you have already welcomed into your family.

To make it easier for foster carers to become adoptive parents we are progressing outstanding cases, tackling bottlenecks in the system and providing more financial support.

A new means-tested adoption allowance is now available to carers who adopt a child and those looking to adopt a child with special needs will receive additional support.

We know that adoption isn’t right for every child, carer or family. In these cases, guardianship orders can provide a safe and permanent alternative to long-term care. I encourage you to talk to your caseworker about the best options for the child in your care.

If you have specific questions about guardianship we now have a dedicated Guardianship Information line – 1300 956 416 – where you can find out more information.

Your role in protecting our kids is more crucial than ever. It is your dedication, stability and commitment that keeps the children in your care safe and loved. Thank you for the commitment, care and the love you show to the children in your homes.