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Ten great things to do in the holidays

Don’t spend your days on the couch this summer. There’s plenty to do to make your holidays memorable and fun.

Ideas to inspire:

  1. Visit your local library – Libraries have so much on offer. As well as great books, they have magazines, DVDs, comics and free story times for kids. Sometimes there are visiting authors and fun activities to enjoy.
  2. On yer bike! Take your kids for a bicycle ride even if it’s only around your local neighbourhood. It’s a healthy, fun way to get around. Don’t forget your helmet.
  3. Catch a ferry just for fun – If you live near water take a trip on a ferry. Kids love the fresh air and the wind in their face and the views along the way can be amazing! 
  4. Try a sport you don’t know – Have you ever tried archery, indoor rock climbing, or ice skating? Sports can be a challenging and fun way to do something new. Check online for a venue near you. 
  5. Visit a zoo, wildlife park or aquarium – Everyone loves animals, especially kids. Help them learn more about nature. Search online to see what ticket deals might be available to help reduce the cost. 
  6. Swim at the beach, river or a pool – It’s hot so get your swimmers on and get wet. Take a ball and some goggles and plenty of energy. Swimming is the best way to keep cool during the summer heat. And don’t forget to never leave children unattendedaround water or leave them in the care of older children.
  7. Bake a cake – Let your kids be responsible for measuring the ingredients, checking the recipe instructions and putting the cake in the oven if they’re old enough. Baking teaches responsibility and the results are delicious. 
  8. Look to the sky – There are a number of observatories throughout NSW, with the best known being Sydney Observatory and the Parkes Radio Telescope. Why not take the kids to find out more about space? Explore the sky with experienced guides to see the stars, moon and planets in our solar system. 
  9. Visit at the playground – There are great playgrounds in almost every area. Make a day of it. Take the kids scooters and bikes and a ball and have fun as they play on the equipment and meet new friends at your local playground. 
  10. Wildlife spotting – NSW has some of Australia’s best national parks. Pack yourself some lunch and head out into the bush to enjoy nature. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services has a great program for kids called Wilderquest to help them learn more about the natural environment. Visit NSW Nation parks for locations and ideas.