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Fostering Our Future

Foster Care Angels care packages

Entering care for the first time is a traumatic experience for any child.

Giving a few small gift items can give a child a sense of worth, value, comfort and independence during a time of great stress. 

FACS has begun a trial of care packages for kids entering care in a new partnership with the charity, Foster Care Angels. A number of Community Services Centres (CSCs) in Sydney, South West and South East Sydney districts are involved in the trial with more than 500 care packages to be given over the next six months. 

The care packages have been designed to give kids in care both essential and comfort items they can keep. The contents of the bags have been chosen with the help of foster care professionals, including a clinical psychologist, to ensure appropriateness. 

Each package is created with the child’s age and gender in mind and will be given by the caseworker, typically on the day the child enters care. 

A lot of advice, thought and effort has gone into deciding which items should be included. The initial concern of emotional welfare and comfort has been covered with a teddy bear and other play items in the backpack. But it also includes hygiene items and key educational needs to aid a fresh start. Fostering our Future is now online. When you sign up online you’ll receive more up-todate stories, easily shareable with friends and family. The online version makes it easier to go to other online resources which will help you as foster carers. By subscribing you will receive a free quarterly newsletter delivered directly to your inbox. So find sign up now!  

The care packages are in a school-sized backpack and made for boy and girl babies 0-1 years, toddlers 2-5 years, primary school-aged kids 6-11 years and teens 12-17 years. A key factor in success for this program is consistency packages for each age group contain the same items.

Foster Care Angels already supplies care packages for a number of non-government agencies. Find out more about Foster Care Angels .