Data reporting system


Community strengthening CSGP services formally transferred to Community Builders on 1 July 2010. During the 2010/11 financial year, Community Services staff have been working with CSGP service providers to develop new service specifications under Community Builders.

The focus of the new service specifications is on service user outcomes and collection of consistent data against agreed performance measures. As part of the new service specification, each Community Builders project or service has been grouped under one or more Service Activity Descriptions (SADs):

  • Community Hub SAD
  • Community Capacity Building SAD
  • Community Skills Development SAD
  • Community Sector Development SAD.

A Community Builders performance framework provides a set of consistent performance measures that, in line with results based accountability, identifies data results to be achieved within each SAD in each of the following categories:

  • How much?
  • How well?
  • Is anyone better off?

Objectives for data reporting

The purpose of the data reporting project is to:

  1. To assess project effectiveness against the service specification
  2. To measure the project’s contribution to the service activity description model and program
  3. To contribute to program evaluation

Principles for data reporting

The principles of the data reporting project are to introduce a data collection system that will:

  • enable service providers to consistently collect data against Community Builders performance measures
  • align with Community Services principles by only collecting data that will be used and is meaningful for compliance and evaluation
  • provide a simple cost effective way for submitting that data to Community Services
  • meet Community Services requirements for performance monitoring data
  • provide Community Services with high quality data that can be aggregated and used to guide program evaluation and management
  • provide service providers with information to guide their service delivery to the community.

Program reporting system

The monitoring data reporting system has been developed to help Community Builders funded services provide data to Community Services for each of the performance measures in a simple and consistent way.

Outputs data (those relating to ‘how much’ and some of the ‘how well’ measures) will count each occasion of service or activity undertaken. This data will be submitted via an on-line portal per reporting period.

Outcomes data (those relating to ‘is anyone better off’ and some of the ‘how well’ measures) will be collected through outcome surveys of Community Builders service users. All completed surveys should be mailed to ARTD Consultants before the end of the data reporting period.

Data reporting pilot

The system has been operational from October 2011; the online data reporting system will allow Community Builders funded project organisations to submit data on their project’s activities.

As this data reporting system is new, it will be piloted for one year. The pilot period will be divided into two data reporting periods (July to December 2011, and January to June 2012). The pilot will be used to determine what processes work best and service providers are encouraged to provide feedback.

Community Builders data reporting system training

The web based data reporting system is the next step in the reform process for Community Builders funded services and projects.

The Community Builders data reporting system has been designed to be simple and user friendly. Community Services held training sessions across the state for funded Community Builders service providers to learn more about how it works.

The Community Builders data reporting system training PowerPoint presentation is available to view.

If you require help

For more information on the Community Builders reporting system please refer to the Service Provider User Guidelines August 2012.
For further assistance during the data reporting pilot:

  • questions relating to your service specification and service levels set, please contact your local regional office
  • questions about access to, or functionality of, the online data reporting system and to change your contact details email

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