Good practice guidelines

The Community Services Good practice guidelines is a structured program of activities geared to improving two aspects of the performance of NGO service providers:

  • the services provided for clients
  • the internal management and administration processes of the organisation.

The guidelines are closely modelled on the NSW Human Services Quality Framework (2004), a cross-agency resource developed to inform the service improvement activities of NSW Government human services agencies.

The guidelines:

  • provide objective standards against which NGOs can measure their own management and administration practices
  • promote effective service planning, evaluation and all-round improvement in organisational health
  • provide suggestions and examples for undertaking self assessment.

Community Services encourages service providers to engage with the Good practice guidelines or some other recognised framework for promoting service standards.

The guidelines will be used by Community Services funding staff in situations where an objective standard is required for discussions with funded service providers about performance.

The guidelines comprise a package of resources that includes:

These tools were developed and piloted with a cross-section of Community Services-funded NGO service providers.

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