Fraud control plan

It is important that DoCS’ clients, service providers and the community generally, not only are aware of our initiatives to address the fraud problem, but also are able to play a part in the process.

DoCS’ Fraud Control Plan has been written principally to guide our staff and management in the prevention, detection, reporting and handling of fraud. Some references, such as the Protected Disclosures Act 1994, relate only to government employees.

Nevertheless, we believe that the Plan has a potentially broader readership than staff and management alone. By making this document available publicly we aim to demonstrate to the general community our commitment to addressing fraud.

Further, there are some aspects of our Plan that do seek the involvement of people other than staff and management.

The purpose of the Guide to Fraud Risk Assessment is to help managers and staff to assess the adequacy of existing controls and to determine whether additional fraud counter-measures are required.

The Fraud Risk Assessment for Service Providers is a tool designed to assist organisations who work with us, to address the risk of fraud in their operations.

DoCS has also produced practice notes for service providers which specifically address Internet banking and Internet services fraud.

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