financial assistance

house surrounded by flood waters

If you have been affected by a disaster, you may be eligible for financial assistance provided through the NSW Disaster Relief Scheme.

Community Services also administers the Drought Household Assistance Scheme for people affected by drought in NSW. Find out more about Community Services drought assistance. 

immediate assistance

When a disaster occurs, Community Services may set up an evacuation centre to help meet the immediate needs of an evacuated community. 

Depending upon the size of the event, a recovery centre may also be established to help meet the longer term needs of the affected community.

See evacuation and recovery centres for more information.

Assistance in the form of food, accommodation, clothing will be provided to help make those caught up in the disaster safe and comfortable. 

Advice and financial and personal support is also provided.

People attending an evacuation centre do not need to meet any eligibility criteria to receive assistance.

disaster relief grants

Disaster relief grants are available to help eligible individuals and families, who are experiencing personal financial hardship and distress, to recover from the disaster event. 

The purpose of the grants is to ensure that disaster affected people have a safe and habitable home to live in.  

Assistance may also be available to help meet the cost of repair or replacement of essential household contents or essential structural repairs to their homes.

Community Services financial assistance is not provided as a replacement to insurance or as compensation for losses.

To be eligible for assistance applicants should:

  • not be covered by insurance
  • be low income earners and meet a means and assets test
  • demonstrate that the home is their principal place of residence

Information about the disaster relief grants is available from recovery centres or from Disaster Welfare Services on 1800 018 444. 

People thinking about applying for a grant for household contents and structural repairs should read the disaster relief grants information package.

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