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Around 60 per cent of Community Services budget goes towards funding programs, provided mainly by non-government organisations, that deliver contracted services for children, families and communities in New South Wales. 

In August 2011, Community Services funded over 800 service providers to deliver well over 1,700 services. 

This funding is provided through eleven funding programs which are outlined below with links to program summaries.

Aboriginal Child Youth and Family Strategy

The Aboriginal Child, Youth and Family Strategy is a whole-of-government prevention and early intervention program that supports children aged up to five years, and their families and communities. 

It provides a range of services that include Aboriginal parenting programs, school transition programs, supported playgroups, family workers and programs to build the capacity of the community to respond to challenges.

Alcohol and other drugs program

The Alcohol and other drugs program aims to assist young people with alcohol or drug problems to resolve their problems and move to self-sufficient living. 

Under the program funding is provided to two service models:

  • Getting It Together services which provide early intervention case management assistance for young people with drug misuse problems
  • Youth Drug and Alcohol Court program which provides intensive crisis support for young people with drug/alcohol problems who have entered the juvenile justice system. 

Brighter Futures program

Brighter Futures is a voluntary early intervention program that seeks to identify families at risk earlier and prevent them from entering the child protection system by providing them with sustained services and support that will help prevent problems from escalating and achieve long-term benefits for children.

Community Builders

The Community Builders program provides funding for a range of services to strengthen communities and build their capacity. Evidence shows that making communities stronger is an effective way of reducing inequality and disadvantage. 

These services include

  • community and neighbourhood centres where people can meet and access resources
  • services and projects targeting particular groups e.g. men/women, cultural groups
  • projects to support and build the capacity of communities and community organisations e.g. by providing mentoring schemes and management training. 

Early Intervention & Placement Prevention program

The Early Intervention & Placement Prevention program (EIPP) provides support to vulnerable children, young people and families to stop problems escalating and to reduce the likelihood of children and young people entering or remaining in child protection or out-of-home care.

The EIPP program provide services along a continuum of family and community needs – from lower-level parenting and youth support to intensive family and youth interventions to prevent children and young people coming into care. 

Families NSW

Families NSW is the NSW Government’s population based prevention and early intervention strategy for families expecting a baby or with children aged 0 to 8.  

Families NSW is delivered jointly by the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Family and Community Services and NSW Health.  

Services provided include health home visiting, supported playgroups, schools as community centres, family workers and antenatal programs.

Integrated domestic & family violence services program

The Integrated domestic and family violence services program is a multi-agency, integrated and coordinated response to prevent the escalation of domestic and family violence among high risk target groups and in targeted communities.

Coordinated services are provided to clients through a multi-disciplinary team or are based on clear referral pathways between service agencies such as Police, Health, Family and Community Services and non-government support agencies. 

Out-of-home care program

The Out-of-home care program provides care to children and young people who cannot live safely at home aa well as to children and young people whose families are unable to care for them.

Children and young people may be placed with foster parents, with relatives (kinship care), in residential care or in independent living arrangements.

Sector development

The Sector development program funds statewide peak organisations to support and resource service providers working in the child, youth, family and community services sector. 

Statewide peaks act as a link between service providers and the government. Their role includes information dissemination, representation, advocacy, policy analysis and program development, and sector capacity building.

Specialist Homelessness Services program

The Specialist Homelessness Services program (SHS) is a Commonwealth/State funded program which provides funding for a range of support and accommodation services to assist people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including women and children affected by domestic violence. 

In addition to the SHS program, Community Services also administers eighteen projects funded over four years as part of the NSW Homelessness Action Plan (HAP) 2009-2013 to prevent and reduce homelessness in NSW. 

Staying Home Leaving Violence program

The Staying Home Leaving Violence program helps women and children escaping domestic violence to remain safely in their homes. Services funded under the program work with the police and courts to remove the violent family member so that if she chooses, the victim and children can stay in the home.

Clients receive support services ranging from practical assistance such as installing security measures in their homes and help with financial, legal and personal problems.

Keep Them Safe child protection

Forgotten Australians

NSW Spectacles Program

The NSW Spectacles Program helps the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the community by providing glasses and other vision aids through a network of approved participating optometrists and optical dispensers.

To make sure those with the greatest needs have access to vision aids through the program, a number of targeted eligibility criteria are applied. Read the NSW Spectacles Program guidelines.

The program allows eligible people to live fuller lives and avoid preventable deterioration in eye and general health.

The current service provider is Vision Australia.

For more information email SSDPROOF@facs.nsw.gov.au


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To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)