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Apology - apology to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Annual Report 2012/13

Annual report 2011/12

Annual report 2010/11

Annual report 2009/10

Annual report 2008/09

Annual report 2007/08 (PDF) 

Annual report 2006/07 (PDF)

Annual report 2005/06 (PDF)

Availability of foster carers report

Benefits assessments in child welfare (technical report)

Caseloads in Child and Family Services (technical report)

Child Deaths 2013 Annual Report

Child Deaths 2012 Annual Report

Child Deaths 2011 Annual Report

Child Deaths 2010 Annual Report

Child neglect policy

Child protection - a national report
- Protecting Australian children (fact sheet)

Dual diagnosis resource kit

Economic effects of a 1:4 staff-child ratio for under two year olds in child care

Evaluation of the electronic recording of children's evidence - May 2002

Evaluation of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT/Joint Investigation Response strategy - June 2002)

Fraud control plan

Funding policy

Implementation of a 1:4 staff–child ratio

Interagency action plan for better mental health

Child wellbeing and child protection – NSW interagency guidelines

Multicultural strategic commitment

NGO red tape reduction report

School readiness (discussion paper)

Service outcomes for peak bodies - reference paper

Shining a light on good practice in NSW report

Structured Decision Making presentation

Statutory Review of Adoption Regulation 2003 Discussion Paper

Statutory Review of Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Regulation 2000 Discussion Paper

Trends in the numbers of children and young persons in out-of-home care in NSW

manuals & handbooks

Early intervention caseworker manual (abbreviated version)

Guide to the service price list (for Header Agreements)

policy documents

See policies and procedures for agencies that work with us.

research reports

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To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)