caseworker qualifications

A degree level qualification in a preferred or relevant discipline is an essential selection criterion for all caseworker and casework manager positions, including the role of Helpline team leader.

Please read the qualifications assessment guide for a detailed list of suitable qualifications.

Applicants who identify and are recognised as Aboriginal continue to be exempted from this requirement in recognition of the skills and knowledge they contribute to Community Services work with Aboriginal families.

Note: The exemption for Aboriginal candidates applying for the role of casework manager will be reviewed in January 2012.

assessment of qualifications

Preferred and relevant qualifications are those categories which are most compatible with the roles of caseworker and casework manager, such as bachelors of social work, human services, welfare, and/or psychology.

There are other qualifications which may be compatible only when combined with relevant education, training, and/or work experience. These include bachelors of:

  • Nursing or Registered Nurse registration
  • Policing
  • Human Services (Southern Cross, CSU)
  • Education (Primary)
  • Social Science with majors other than community welfare, youth work or psychology
  • Education (Early Childhood)
  • Health Science
  • Counselling (UNE)

The suitability of these qualifications is considered with reference to relevant subjects within the degree program of study, additional qualifications, training and/or short courses, and work experience, including volunteer work.

overseas qualifications

Overseas qualifications are acceptable, although a statement of equivalence to Australian qualifications may be requested.

how do I apply for a position in Community Services?

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)