Out-of-home care caseload review

Community Services is committed to improving the quality of care provided to children and young people in out-of-home care.

Community Services commissioned an independent review of OOHC caseworker caseloads in Community Services. Ernst & Young undertook the review.

The resulting OOHC caseload review report - benchmark study is an important first step to identify and understand casework demands and caseload benchmarks for Community Services caseworkers.

The report examined different forms of care and case need and the different elements of case practice required to meet legislative and policy requirements.

It also examined the variations in time required by differences in the characteristics or requirements of individual needs and circumstances of children and young people in out-of-home care with Community Services. 

The information in the report is technical in nature and does not provide recommendations or directions for casework practice or resourcing.

Community Services plans to draw on the findings of the OOHC caseload review report to further develop strategies to meet OOHC legislative and policy requirements and standards.

It can be used, for example, to model and demonstrate the resources required to achieve casework standards, taking into account the actual profile of children and young people in the care of Community Services.

It can also provide a point of comparison for understanding caseloads and resourcing in Community Services provision of OOHC and the comparable provision and resourcing of services by non-government organisations.

All children in OOHC should receive access to similar supports and services to meet their changing needs, irrespective of whether Community Services or non-government organisations provide the service. 

This makes the report an important resource in planning for the transition of children placed in care from Community Services to the NGO sector as recommended by the Report of the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW.

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