Child protection advisory group

The Child Protection Advisory Group (CPAG) was established in December 2008, and meets regularly to discuss issues relating to the implementation of sector reforms such as Keep Them Safe and the Major Change program. Discussions and debate are used to provide advice to the Minister and further inform policy development.

Members include heads of peak organisations, prominent academics in the child protection field, union representatives and senior officers from the Departments of Premier and Cabinet, Human Services, Education and Training, and NSW Health.

The Group is chaired by the Minister for Community Services, the Hon Linda Burney MP, with former Commissioner for Children and Young People Gillian Calvert appointed Deputy Chair in 2010.

The endorsed minutes of all CPAG meetings are published on this web page. Service providers and other sector partners wishing to have issues raised at the CPAG should contact the appropriate CPAG member.

Advisory pool

CPAG is supported by an advisory pool, made up of direct service providers and key stakeholders from the Health and Education sectors.

Discussion papers and other materials are circulated to members of this advisory pool, allowing individual organisations to provide feedback on specific issues.

Advisory pool members are also available to serve on CPAG working groups dependent on their capacity, interest and expertise.

Advisory pool membership

Ngo consultative groups

A series of NGO consultative groups operate under the umbrella of CPAG to consider and work on specific issues. The groups are time-limited, with membership and terms of reference approved by the Minister.

Current working groups are:

Brighter Futures Council

On 3 December 2010, the NSW Government announced the continuation of the Brighter Futures program with key modifications based on the findings of the SPRC evaluation and submissions received from Brighter Futures service delivery partners and stakeholders.

Recommended modifications to the Brighter Futures program include establishment of a state level interagency Brighter Futures Council, comprising senior executives from key non-government and government stakeholders under the Child Protection Advisory Group.

The Brighter Futures Council was established in January 2011 and reports to the CPAG. The Brighter Futures Council meets regularly to provide advice and oversee the implementation of endorsed modifications to the Brighter Futures program.

The Council is chaired by the Chief Executive, Community Services, Annette Gallard.

Brighter Futures service providers and other sector partners wishing to have issues raised at the Brighter Futures Council should contact the appropriate Council member.

To report suspected child abuse or neglect, call the Child Protection Helpline on 132 111 (24 hours/7 days)